The New Life Podcast features messages and lessons from our staff and special guests.

Violent Men

This episode of The Life Cast was recorded at New Life Assembly of God on Fathers Day, June 15, 2008. This week we featured Missionary David Broberg.  He shared about his work in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan in  Central Asia.

David Broberg also shared about what sort of men God wants us to be.  God desires violent men.   Wait, does that sound right?  Listen to the podcast and decide for yourself.


The Danger of a Civilized Church

Are you a civilized Christian?  If so, episode 16 of the Life Cast is for you.  Pastor Randy Williamson shares a message about the dangers of a church that has become civilized.  Enjoy the podcast


Freedom Sunday Service

Episode 15 of the Life Cast was recorded during our Freedom Sunday Service which was held at New Life Assembly on Memorial Day Weekend. During this service we took time to recognize everyone who has and is serving our country. The podcast starts with a special song from musicians Matt and Sherry McPherson. Pastor Randy Williamson concludes the podcast with a message about the importance of military power in our spiritual lives. Enjoy the podcast.


Fear, Faith and a Baby in a Basket

What a pleasure it is to bring you Episode 14 of the Life Cast. This week the Pastor’s Wives of New Life Assembly of God will be sharing a special mothers day message. This message is not only for mothers, you might be surprised about how applicable it will be for those of us who are not mothers. Thanks for joining us for this Mothers Day episode of The Life Cast


Life on a Short Leash

We’re back.  Last week we suffered some technical difficulties and were not able to produce the podcast.  This week we are back on track with a message from Senior Pastor Randy Williamson entitled, Life on a Short Leash.  Pastor Randy enjoys bird hunting and has owned several bird dogs.  Those of you who own a dog will have an easy time identifying with this message.  Enjoy the podcast.


Is God Hiding?

Episode 12 of the Podcast features Senior Pastor Randy Williamson sharing a message entitle, Is God Hiding? Have you ever wondered where God is? Where did he go? Pastor Randy wants to encourage you to search God out he wants to be found by you. Enjoy the podcast.


God in a Box

Episode 11 of The Life Cast features Senior Pastor sharing a message entitled God in a Box. Do not miss this episode of The Life Cast. God desires to work in us and through us. All too often we will only allow him to work within our box. Pastor Randy’s message will help you allow God out of your box. Enjoy the podcast

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Your Cash, Your Time, Your Talent; God’s Kingdom

Episode nine of the Life Cast features associate pastor Aaron Broberg sharing a message entitled Your Cash, Your Time, Your Talent; God’s Kingdom. You can listen to this podcast by clicking the player below. If you would like to here more from New Life Assembly of God you can visit the podcast page for other audio content. We trust you will enjoy the podcast.